Afleur2mains :

at the heart of your well-being, for an authentic massage, personalized, adapted to your needs, to your wishes.

I propose you a break time, one moment of relaxation in a Zen atmosphere.

I am a holder of practitioner's certificate in Massage Well-being of the school Joël SAVATOFSKI ( IFJS ) and I am also a member of the label Bien Etre et compagnie.

Here are my various performances:

The MAM ® (seated massage times):

The seated massage is practised with clothes, sat on a chair. The duration of a session varies from 10 till 30 minutes, according to the spare time which you have. The purpose of a session is to make you find the states of relaxation benefits, recovery, management of the stress.

The essential massage ® :

This essential oils global massage , at the same time fluid and powerful, wrapping and rhythmed, fosters the in-depth slackening of the muscular and mental tensions. It brings a deep relaxation, gets a general sensation of unification and helps to live better with his-her body. Naturally optimal in case of fatigue, stress, or sleeping disorders, but also just for the sensation of immediate well-being which it provides. The duration of a session is about 60 minutes.

The back relaxing massage.


The massage on the side :

Person having an excess weight, a pregnant woman.

All the oils and the essential oils are of biological origin and come from laboratories of the Sources of Vichy.


The relaxinésie ® :

A technique of relaxation and fitness based on the letting-go, the passive mobilizations and the stretchings. Original, playful, creative, simple to apply and very pleasant to receive. Accessible to every public (it) is practised dressed. It is ideally completed by soft stretchings of all the body.


Not medical and not erotic act, these massages well-being join a register of well-being. The services have no therapeutic purpose and because of their nature, they are similar to no in-depth manipulation, medical practice or relevant of the physiotherapy such as described in the article R4321-3 of the Public health code.

Bio et bien être
Bien Etre